Honing Your Home Pilates Practice

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every aspect of life in some way, including maybe even your pilates classes. If you are missing these classes, you can still perform pilates in the safety of your home at your own home pilates practice. Learn more information on how to get started below!

1. Make a Space

A dedicated space in your home for your pilates practice can help you stay motivated to workout. Thankfully, pilates is not a type of exercise that requires specific equipment, but you should make your space comfortable to be in. Consider a yoga mat, for instance, on which you can perform many of your exercises. Make sure there are windows and natural light as well as an area to place a candle to truly make you feel relaxed.

2. Setup the Technology

Another way to make your pilates practice at home comfortable is to set up space where you can play music, just like the class you used to attend probably had. You should also if you will be following a video workout, hookup the internet, and a television in your space. Make sure that the cables do not get in your way and that your television is secure.

3. Consider Additional Equipment

Though beginners pilates does not require equipment, you can move on to more advanced forms of pilates if you feel you are ready. Use a reformer, for instance, that can help you in building resistance for your workout. Consider a Magic Circle for even more resistance or a spine corrector to help in supporting your back as well.

4. Gather the Right Clothing

If you have been going to pilates classes, then you probably know the clothing that is best for you. Make sure that you wear workout clothing that hugs your skin. If you wear loose-fitting clothing while doing pilates, it can become a hazard and can cause you to injure yourself while working out.

5. Pick Out Exercises

There are many different workout videos and exercises for you to consider incorporating into your pilates routine. Make sure you work out your core through a press and point or a side plank. Work your legs through the side-kick, the bridge, or the leg lift. Your arms can be worked through the chest expansion; while your whole body can come with the pilates push-up. There are many other exercises to consider as well for other parts of your body and these, so be sure to do your research!

Just because fitness studios and gyms closed down due to the pandemic does not mean that you have to give up your pilates. Create a pilates practice right in your home by getting started with the steps above today!