As with food, entertainment, and fashion, fitness methods and activities are prone to trends. From cycling to barre, bikram yoga to kickboxing, these fads can fade nearly as quickly as they appear. There is, however, one trend that has stuck around for decades; lauded as a full-body, low-impact, and “trendy” workout, Pilates is a fitness method for the ages.


Unaspiringly, these fitness trends are concentrated in millennial hubs—Portland, Seattle, the Bay Area, and Boulder. The latter’s focus on healthy, sustainable lifestyles makes it especially susceptible to these sweeping fads. Coloradoans joke that everyone has three recreational obsessions; for some, it’s rock climbing; for others, it’s skiing; for many, it’s hiking. We’re here to make a case for Pilates.


The perfect “between workouts” workout, Pilates stretches, tones, and works nearly every major muscle in the human body. Colorado residents, especially those in Boulder, love this exercise. If you’ve been pounding pavement training for that marathon, you should give your knees the break they deserve; if you’ve been fighting the winter chill on the slopes, you should pick up a sport to warm you up. Pilates can provide a necessary outlet and alternative exercise.


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